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Create educational games from our catalog of game templates or use our visual editor to create a new experience from scratch. Simply share a link to invite people: no software required.

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Leverage the power of games and social interactions to turn your course into a fun and engaging experience your learners will eagerly complete. They might even ask for more!

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Your learners will be able to make decisions on near-life situations and instant feedback. They will also have the opportunity to share and learn directly from others. Because Fresco promotes an active form of learning, your learners will not only engage with the course but will be more likely to retain what they have learned.

Learning by doing

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On Zoom most people have their video turned off. With Fresco, people will actively participate in your workshop.

Learning designers

Minecraft and Roblox are fun but provide limited learning tools. Fresco empowers you to bring more social and active learning to the world.

Professional trainers

Go beyond slidedecks and quizzes to make engage your learners at a new level.

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Since July 2021, Fres.co has been part of Kahoot!, the world’s leading game-based learning company.

Together, we create innovative solutions to make learning awesome!

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