Fun and social learning.

Fresco gives facilitators and educators superpowers
to create experiences where participants can mingle, learn and collaborate.

Video conferencing software is stuck in the past, online learners are disengaged.
Fresco is the high engagement teaching platform.

Some of the media you can paste into the space


You and your participants can contribute to the space by adding content: sticky notes, images, videos, embeds, shared screens, etc…

Gather around tables

Like in real life, your participants can gather around tables where they can collaborate. The ‘fullscreen’ view is there when you need to focus on the content.

Fullscreen mode
Permissions for participants

Stay in control

As the facilitator, you decide who can access your spaces, and what your participants are allowed to do in them.

Online workshops on steroids

Engaging and fun

Participants have more freedom. They can move around to join conversations, add content and more.

Easily talk to someone by moving towards them

Breakouts like in real life

Get people together or split them in groups like you would in real life. Because of the 2d space, breakouts are easy and organic.

Easily move from one conversation to another

Easy to personalize

Create a space tailored to the experience you want to give to your participants. No design skills required.

Design your space by drag and dropping