Gather around our new Tables

This is a defining moment for We are releasing a new element called the Table which will allow participants to gather around it and collaborate on anything: watch a video, share a screen or work on a whiteboard together.

Up until now, we have used the space where your avatar moves as a canvas, where you can drop anything (sticky notes, images, videos, etc…). It is fast and intuitive but the metaphor of the canvas comes with limitations.

During a virtual workshop, as a facilitator you often want to split the participants into smaller group to work on something. If you have four groups, you might use a layout that look like this:

Layout with 4 groups

If you have a lot of groups, imagine 8+ groups, it could become difficult to find a spot on the space where to work and paste content. This is where the Table element comes to the rescue. It allows you to contain all the work done by a group inside of a single element:

Layout with 8 groups using the new Table element

A Table element has a fullscreen mode which allows you to see the content of the Table better while keeping the spatial context:

Fullscreen mode in the Table element

We are excited to see how this new element is going to be used.

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